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Phone (07) 3808 6633

Ayurvedic Medicine

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Using ancient Indian scriptures written around 6,000 years ago, and the principles of Ayurveda that the entire physical world is made up of the elements of air, either, fire, water or earth, Ayurvedic physicians recognise that bodily functions as well as mental and spiritual beings are also related to the balance of fire, water and air, which are the elements in each of us. We interact, affecting and being affected by the balance of these elements in our environment.

 During your consultation, Shivani Gandhi will feel your pulse and use Ayurveda to address the root cause of your problem by diagnosing whether your vata (wind), pitta (fire), or kapha (water) is out of balance. She will prescribe herbal remedies which are plant-based and have no side effects. These remedies are inexpensive and stimulate the regeneration of cells.

 During the course of the medicine, you will need to make dietary changes but once you have completed the medicinal course you are not required to take any more medicine and you can revert back to your normal diet.