Phone (07) 3808 6633

Phone (07) 3808 6633



Chiropractic was originated by Hippocrates "the father of medicine",                                                      female chiropractor massaging a patient's back
and was formally developed by D. D. Palmer in 1895. Chiropractors
analyse the spine to determine areas of abnormal function.

Using physical and neurological examinations
as well as x-ray studies, Chiropractors use gentle
but effective techniques
with the aim of bringing about normal function.

Chiropractic can result in better overall function of your body,
and a greatly increased sense of balance and well-being throughout your body.

Our Chiropractors are Kellie DawsonJohn Conway-CampbellAnna Kirkman and Kyle Owen 

Our team have each completed a minimum of five years full time
University study followed by regular post graduate courses to continually
update their knowledge in this ever developing drug-free science.