Phone (07) 3808 6633

Phone (07) 3808 6633


a therapist assisting a woman lying on a blue stability ball

Discover how to free yourself of pain and feel amazing!

No matter whether you are a professional athlete or a stay at home mum, we have all experienced pain at one time or another.

You may find that ignoring little niggles can lead to greater pain down the track – resulting in time off work for specialist appointments and possible hospital stays (yikes!), expensive drugs to dull the pain and depression or stress as the pain can hold you back from doing the things you want to (or used to do).

However – there is help at hand. A proven, natural solution does exist.

Our skilled physiotherapist Ana Shah has 10 years experience in pain management.

Under our Physio's guidance you will discover how easy it is to manage your pain, and stop those little niggles in their tracks!

If you would like to find out if Physiotherapy can help manage your pain, and get you on the road to recovery AND feel amazing, call 3808 6633 and book your Consultation today!