Phone (07) 3808 6633

Phone (07) 3808 6633

Yoga Classes

Want to calm your mind?                   a woman performing seated meditation

Need more vitality?

Then come and try your first yoga class with us for FREE !

You might be wondering...... 

When are they on?

We hold early morning, daytime and evening classes throughout the week....and if we don't have one at a time that suits you, then please let us know...our timetable is expanding rapidly and we are open to requests!


To see the full class timetable see the pdf at the bottom of this page                                     a yoga class performing a stretching exercise


Where are they held ?

The Springwood Pumas Club (Lowe Oval),Cnr Sports Dr and Springwood Rd, Springwood. 

For directions, please see the pdf attached to the bottom of this page.

What style of Yoga do you teach?
Hatha Yoga which is a classic style of yoga well suited for the beginners, as it brings balance, strength and a sense of well-being.
The benefits of Hatha Yoga are that it:
• Builds strength
• Increases flexibility and muscle tone
• Brings focus to the mind                                                                                      a yoga instructor helping her students perform a yoga pose
• Improves physical and mental balance
• Reduces stress
• Increases lung capacity for better breathing

What should I bring?
A yoga mat and a bottle of water. There are few spare mats at the studio however, for hygiene reasons it’s suggested you bring your own. If it is your first class and you do not have your own mat yet, then bring a large towel that you may place over one of our mats.

Is it a big class?
No, our private Pumas studio holds approx 18 people maximum therefore bookings are essential, please call 3808 6633.
This way we know that you are coming, and you are assured of the attention and care of our wonderful instructor.

Should I arrive early for my class?
You are best to arrive 10-15 minutes before the class starts, so that you can claim your space in the studio and start relaxing.... ready to get maximum gain out of your class!

How do your Package Specials Work?                                  
Your first class is for free, after that our prices are:

• $15 casual rate
•  $65 for 5 class pass*
• $120 for 10 class pass*
*Multiple class passes are valid for 3 months to ensure you get the most out of your classes! don't need to attend 5 or 10 consecutive classes ....and no... your credit is not taken up in case of absence!
So go on, book your first free class with us today on 3808 6633

Can I claim Yoga on my Health Fund?
Yoga may be claimable through your health fund with a letter from your chiropractor or physiotherapist.
Check with your fund today!

How fit do I need to be? 
Yoga is not a competitive sport and everyone is encouraged to work to their own ability.
Flexibility is the last thing you need to worry about, it’s the proper breathing and learning how to hold postures correctly that’ll eventually increase the flexibility. 
Our Yoga classes are beginner to intermediate level. 

What if I have medical problems?
 As with any other form of physical activity, if you have any major concerns, you need to consult your GP prior to commencing.
Yoga Teachers aren’t medical professionals and therefore are not qualified to give medical advice.
Minor concerns, like back problems, stiff neck, shoulder or knee problems can be managed in a class and modifications to poses are available, however more serious conditions, e.g. heart conditions require approval by your doctor prior to your starting.

I am pregnant, can I still come to your class?
If you have been practicing yoga long term and prior to falling pregnant, then you can continue to do yoga with slight modifications, just let our teacher know .....however.....
if you are pregnant and you have never done Yoga before, you need to look for a Pregnancy Yoga class ( which is not yet available with us sorry )

Is your Yoga religious or spiritual at all?
Yoga isn’t a religion, it’s a practice and people of any faith are welcome to join. 
There’s no chanting, using of OMs or singing in our yoga classes.
Our classes are mainly focused on the physical aspect – stretching, toning and posture,
however Yoga does have a healing mental / emotional element, and the aim is to explain this in more practical terms
e.g. a yoga sequence to help your digestive system, to activate your motivation or to improve your confidence.

How often should I practice Yoga?
If you’re a beginner, it is suggested to practice 2-3 times per week.

How is Yoga different to any other stretching or fitness practice?
Yoga is unique because it connects the movement of the body and the fluctuations of the mind to the rhythm of our breath. Connecting the mind, body, and breath helps us to direct our attention inward. With this, we become more aware of our experiences from moment to moment, and this is what makes yoga a practice, rather than a physical task or a goal to be completed. Your body will most likely become much more flexible by doing Yoga, and so will your mind.

Can Yoga help me lose weight?
Yoga alone will not help you lose weight quickly, for quick weight loss you’ll need to combine Yoga with cardio, walking, running or any other form of exercise that burns calories fast. However, we’re all different and some people need less intensity to bring their heart rate up than others. In the long run, Yoga will bring you to a better ‘in tune’ with your body, improving sense of well-being and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Yoga exercises will tone your muscles and improve your posture, which may improve your appearance.

Can children come ?
If your child is over 13 years of age and wants to participate they are welcome, provided they are able to maintain focus and silence. We aim for a serene atmosphere where people can separate themselves from the noise and distraction of the world.


Want a class at a particular time?  Let us know and we will see what we can do for you!  Call us on 3808 6633 or contact us via this website or facebook.