Phone (07) 3808 6633

Phone (07) 3808 6633

Kyle Owen


Bachelor of Science

Master of Chiropractic

Reg. Trigenics Practitioner

Kyle has been around Chiropractic his whole life, with many of his family utilizing Chiropractic as a way to keep out of pain and stay healthy. Kyle discovered first-hand just how good Chiropractic was in his teens when he started surfing. 

"If I didn't have Chiropractic, I wouldn't be surfing today. Chiropractic was the only way I found to get me back in the water. I had tried other treatments, but the results weren't even on the same scale as Chiropractic, and that really started me on the path I find myself, over 15 years on."

 Kyle is a family man, and has a special passion for adjusting young Aussies and giving them the best possible start to life. "I adjust my children. Naturally as a dad you want the best for your kids. I feel like what I can do for them is a gift. Chiropractic is a safe and natural way to approach health, and has far reaching positive effects, especially on young bodies. Growing up they're going to need a lot of things... I can at least take care of that for them so they have less to worry about as their life's journey unfolds.”

Kyle understands the benefits of Chiropractic and its role in wellness. “To be truly healthy, we need to move well, think well, and eat well. I can help you move well. I am excited to be apart of an amazing team of wellness health professionals that can take care of the rest”.

Kyle is Available:

Mondays  8am-1pm (Currently not available on Monday am until January 2019)

Wednesdays   8am-1pm and 3-6pm

Fridays  8am-1pm and 3-6pm

Saturdays  8am-12.30pm


New Patients

Adult Exam with Adjustment $82 (at discretion of chiropractor - $65)
Children Initial (Under 16) - $65

Treatment Visits
Adult Adjustment $62
Aged Pensioner Adjustment $47
Full Time Student $47
Children (16 and over) $47
Children (Under 16) $37
Babies $37

To book an appointment with Kyle call our friendly receptionists today on 3808 6633