Phone (07) 3808 6633

Phone (07) 3808 6633

Sheree Sacharkiw


Massage Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports and Rehab

Relaxation and Therapeutic Massage


Emmett Technique

Postural assessment

Trigger Point

Muscle Cupping


Monday: 8am - 12pm

Tuesday: 8am - 6pm

Thursday: 2pm - 6pm

Saturday: 8am - 2pm 


Sheree started her health and Healing journey at the age of 24. She has
been a trained and a qualified PT for over 11yrs, during which time she
has also studied and learnt an array of Modalities within the Health and
Healing industry covering 8yrs in Reiki, , several years traditional flame
cupping, Emmett therapy, remedial massage and yoga.
Sheree focuses on the major meridians of the body that detoxes areas
such as the kidney and liver so that the gut health can be improved
dramatically. She likes to use a combination of therapies to help heal the
body in a more ‘overall-complete’ way, working to align mind body and
Sheree strongly believes that the core foundation must be working
correctly before the body will return back to its optimal health.
Using techniques such as massage, Reiki and for example - putting cups
on the liver, gallbladder, stomach and spleen meridians down to the
intestine area where she feels it is blocked, toning the kidney and
stimulating organs through heated flame cups increasing blood flow and
gives for more of a relaxing and enjoyable treatment.
Sheree takes a complete holistic approach to her healing, treating not
only the ‘injury’ but will also look and work on such things as meridian
lines using an arrange of therapies such as remedial massage,
components of Bowen therapy, cupping and has been an Emmett
practitioner for approximately 5 years. Woman’s health is also very
important to Sheree intuitively using a mix of modalities on certain
meridian lines, she gains great success focusing on the hormonal system
and Gut Health just to name a few.
Sheree intuitively uses a combination of Reiki, massage, cupping etc. to
all areas she is drawn to, within a single session.
Her philosophy is to HEAL the body and mind so as to achieve longer
lasting all over health.
Sheree freely offers self healing exercises by way of yoga poses and will
happily teach you how to preform basic Reiki points, so you are able to
continue to enhance the healing process and strengthen where it is you
need to work on at home.
Basically Sheree will tweak her session with you to gain a complete
holistic experience with the hope that you actually will not need to see her
too much in the future.
She pulls from personal experience as well as the success of previous
clients to give you the best value and healing process.
Sheree likes to work downwards with your body so all the energy is
grounded instead of stimulated - which sadly most of us experience
‘excess stimulation’ on a everyday basis.
Sheree’s intention is to leave you feeling not only relaxed and more ‘painfree’,
but also very importantly ‘calm & balanced’, so you'll leave feeling
grounded yet light in body, mind and energy!
Sheree has had enormous success healing ‘difficult/chronic’ areas like
frozen shoulders, lower back, shoulder, knee pain, and strengthening up
ones meridian systems where many therapist are not so open to look at.
Sheree lives and breaths the principles she heals by and enjoys sharing
that wealth of knowledge and treasures with her clients.


To book in to see Sheree simply call our friendly receptionists on 38086633