Phone (07) 3808 6633

Phone (07) 3808 6633

Stress Less Solutions

Stressed out? Depressed? Anxious? Feel like life is driving you crazy?a stressed out man sitting on the floor

It is likely that we may be able to help. Our care does not replace Medical help, however we may be able to help you feel better, or cope better, in conjunction with your doctors help.

There are many ways to deal with stress, and we can help you deal with stress by using the following: 

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Neuro-Emotional Technique
  • Acupuncture
  • Shiatsu
  • Counselling
  • Homeopathy
  • Bush Flower Essences
  • Reiki
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Kinesiology
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Specifically prescribed supplements to calm your mind and bring back some peace

If you suffer from stress, depression or anxiety but don’t know where to start, we may be able to help..... and you don’t need to make any decisions now.

Simply pick up the phone and call 3808 6633 to book in for your FREE introductory consultation with Kellie Dawson our Centre Director.

Kellie will listen to you, get an overview of your case, and then she will be able to recommend the best course of action for you, so that you can start feeling better as soon as possible.  Simply call 3808 6633 and ask for your Free Introductory visit.

However, if you know that you need counselling urgently, please call us on 3808 6633 to book in for a one hour session with one of our counsellors, either Jeanne Rymar or Sanela Basic
Alternatively, in cases of emergency, we recommend the LifeLine 24 hr crisis line 13 11 14